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SpokeChoice / EVV

SpokeChoice is Arion Care Solution’s electronic visit verification (EVV) system for providers and consumers. As we get better acquainted with this new protocol, feel free to check back here often for resources to navigate the system.

If you need to turn in one of the forms below, please save a pdf copy to fill out then email to your direct supervisor.


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  • Can a family member be my paid caregiver?

    Yes, family members, friends, or neighbors are often hired as the first choice of caregiver to provide services for their loved ones. Typically, family members can be hired within a week.  We understand that everyone’s homecare requirements are unique, that is why we assign the most qualified and compatible caregivers to meet your specialized needs. 

  • What is the difference between the SpokeChoice website and the iSolved Employee Portal? is our online timesheet system. You will use it to enter hours you work with your client, check your client’s remaining authorization hours, and view your timesheets as needed. is the website where you will access your paystubs and W2s. Once you are hired you will receive an emailed link with instructions to register on the iSolved employee portal. Once registered, you will be able to view your employee profile and paystub information.

  • What if I can’t remember my password for SpokeChoice or iSolved?

    There is a “Forgot Password” link on each login page. Follow the steps to set up a new one. If you are still unable to sign in, email A member of our team will then generate an email with a link to reset your password.

  • What browsers are compatible with SpokeChoice?

    SpokeChoice recommends using Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. These browsers can be downloaded from your phone’s app store. Safari on iphones is NOT compatible with SpokeChoice.

  • Will my location be tracked at all times?

    No! The EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) mandate only requires a snapshot of the provider’s geolocation at time of clock-in and clock-out. No other GPS information will be taken by the SpokeChoice program.

  • Why is EVV a requirement?

    EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) is the process for verifying that a caregiver arrived for their scheduled shift with a client. For a more detailed explanation, please use the following link for information taken directly from AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Containment System) website.

    Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Website (

  • What are the minimum verification requirements for EVV?

    The EVV system must verify the following:

    1. type of service performed.

    2. individual receiving the service.

    3. date of service.

    4. location of service delivery.

    5. individual providing the service.

    6. time the service begins and ends.

  • What is AutoVisit?

    AutoVisit is the name of the EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) solution being utilized within SpokeChoice.

  • As a guardian, when do I approve my provider’s shifts in SpokeChoice?

    Shifts should be reviewed and approved daily. If the guardian fails to have all provider’s shifts approved by the 1st and 16th of the month, the provider will not be paid on the originally scheduled pay date.

  • If I clock in/out incorrectly, can I fix it myself?

    Yes! Select the “forgot clock in/out” button on the AutoVisit page. You will be able to enter in your shift information.

  • What if I forget to clock in/out?

    You can fix this in “clock hours”. If two days pass from your worked hours SpokeChoice will not allow you to enter the hours, and you will need to contact your supervisor and/or EVV coordinator. If this is a continuous issue, the provider will receive counseling as this is an essential job duty.

  • How do I enter missing progress notes, hab data and atc tasks?

    Entering missing HAH progress notes:

    1.  Click on Progress Management

    2.  Click on Missing Objectives

    3.  Make sure you have the correct pay period

    Click on the pencil for the appropriate date that you need to enter notes and comments

    4.  Select the Goal

                   b. Select the appropriate goal outcome

                                  – Enter the appropriate comments

                   c. Click Save

                   d. Click Sign and Save

    Entering missing ATC tasks:

    1.  Click on Progress Management

    2.  Clock on Missing Objectives

    3.  Make sure you have the correct pay period

    Click on the pencil for the appropriate date that you need to enter notes and comments

    4.   Select the appropriate task(s)

    5.  Click Sign and Save

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