Home Care

How to Pay for In-Home Care

An important step in finding the right home care services for either yourself or your family member, is knowing your options for paying for services. With a variety of service providers accepting different payment methods and varying payment sources covering an array of services, this important step in the process can be challenging. This preliminary introduction can help you get started, ask the right questions, and make the right decisions. 

No matter what home care service provider you call, you will want to go into the conversation armed with information about your, or your family member’s financial situation. Here are some questions to help you prepare:

  • What income, savings, and assets are available?
  • Did your loved one or their spouse serve in the military?
  • Do they have long-term care insurance?  Who is the Long-term Care Insurance provider, and what does the policy cover?

Five common ways to pay for home care services are Private Pay or “out of pocket” (cash, check, credit, or trust), Long-term Care Insurance, VA benefits, Medicaid, and Medicare. Except for private pay, each of these payment sources has unique eligibility requirements and service limitations. In some cases, the right care solution for you or your family member may require a combination of these payment sources.

Private Pay or “out of pocket”

Paying with personal funds or “Private Pay” gives you or your family member the most flexibility when seeking care services.  Arion Care Solutions will work with you and/or your family member to tailor a care plan specifically to meet your needs — from Homemaker, to Companion Care, to Personal Care, to Independent Living, and we will assist you in assessing which of our services will best fit your, or your family member’s, needs.

Private pay helps cover additional care services that can supplement the limited services and support covered by other sources like Medicaid or Medicare as well as the “elimination period” before long-term care policy begins to pay benefits.