Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Becoming a Behavior Analyst

Candidates looking to fulfill their fieldwork supervision hours towards BCBA Certification, can do that with us! We take our Fieldwork Supervision seriously and take pride in supporting our team in their professional development journeys.

As a Training Site, Fieldwork Supervision at Arion looks like:

• Structured competencies with built-in unrestricted learning opportunities.

• A three-tiered system to ensure that you can grow as a professional while you gain skills.

• Learning opportunities in all clinical and professional skill domains, including an introduction to the Neurodiversity Movement and how to operate within a framework of cultural humility and responsiveness.

Not sure where to begin?

The first step towards becoming a behavior analyst is to begin your master’s degree in Behavior Analysis. Arion Care supports employees with partnerships at different universities

More questions about becoming a Behavior Analyst? Visit the BACB Website

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