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Preparing for a job search is not always an easy or approachable task. It takes time, effort, and patience to get yourself both physically and mentally ready to step into the workforce. Whether you are looking for a new beginning or you’re just entering into the field, there are some basic principles to follow upon the start of your journey. To get started, take a look at Arion Care’s job interview preparation tips and see how they factor into your future!

  1. Create a solid resume to attach to your application
  2. Visit Arion Care’s website and research our services and values
  3. Sharpen your interview skills

Once you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to feeling ready for an interview with us! If you’re curious to learn more about each step, continue reading below or reach out to our team at with your resume and interview questions.

  1. Create a Solid Resume

Begin with the basics! If you are new to the job market and have not yet created a resume, or if you’re looking to update it, check out Arion Care’s resume advice blog post or video so you can present your best self! Creating a solid resume template with all of your basic information, skills, and education/work history can set you up for success in any role. You can send your resume to our Careers email or attach it to your application!

2. Research Arion Care

Arion Care has built a great website as a resource for caregiving applicants, families needing services, and current employees who want to learn more! Get to know us by visiting any of the tabs at the top of the screen or by reaching out to us directly. Researching the company while editing your resume and prior to the interview will help you familiarize yourself with our terminology, employment opportunities, and benefits. It will also likely spark some great questions that you can bring to the interview when you meet with your recruiter!

3. Sharpen Your Interview Skills

After completing your research on Arion Care, it’s time to set up your interview and practice your communication skills! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when entering an interview, so practice talking with a close friend or family member (or even chat with yourself in the mirror)! Tell them about yourself, your work history, what interested you about caregiving, and anything else that comes to mind.

Before you enter into your interview, you may be wondering what will be covered! Here are a few things you can expect when you join your Zoom or phone call:

  1. You will receive a review of Arion Care’s services and functions.
    • Recruiters will review Arion Care’s departments, services, pay rates, and general job expectations with you. If you have a specific department or age group you’d like to work with, let your recruiter know and they can give you additional information on the department or point you in the right direction!
  2. You will be asked about your personal and professional experiences in caregiving.
    • If you’re new to the field and only have experience caring for a loved one or someone not set up with an agency, don’t worry! Personal experience allows for a caregiver to build a close connection with their member and allows them to work and learn at their own pace, while professional experience allows for a caregiver to receive formal training and hands-on experience with industry-approved techniques. Both sets of experiences are valid and welcome at Arion! Be prepared to talk about your work history and how it relates to the position you’ve applied for.
  3. You will provide us with your desired schedule/availability.
    • When we place a caregiver with a member, we take the caregiver’s schedule and availability into consideration. We not only want to provide the highest level of care for our families, but we understand that your life is full of unique needs and experiences. Depending on the schedule you can work, our recruiting department meets you where you are at and helps to find you a member that fits within your availability.
  4. You will get to know your recruiter and the company on a deeper level.
    • An interview with Arion Care is a great time to ask all of the questions you’ve prepared from doing your research, or ones you’ve thought of while interviewing! There is never a bad time for a question when interviewing with one of our recruiters – they love to help applicants understand how Arion Care functions and what we can offer!

Feeling ready to take the next step? Schedule your interview with our recruiting department by using our Calendly links!

To speak with our Recruiting Supervisor, Megan Link, select a day and time here.

To speak with our Bilingual Recruiter, Dulce Mendoza, select a day and time here.

You may also contact us via our Careers department email address at or call our front office at 480-722-1300. We offer both Spanish and English interviews and are always happy to find an interview method that best suits your needs.

Our recruiting department is excited to meet with you! We hope that you can take these new skills and tailor them to your needs so you can be fully prepared for your time with Arion Care. As always, you can reach out to us at any time with questions or comments.

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