Michelle Omanoff

Director of Habilitation Support Services

Michelle Omanoff;

Michelle is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, driven by her passion for helping others. With a background in working with individuals in a self-contained autism classroom, she joined our company in 2014 as an ECH provider in our ECH program. Over the years, Michelle has taken on various roles within the organization, showcasing her commitment and expertise.

In 2019, Michelle spearheaded the launch of our Habilitation Support Services and currently serves as the Director of Habilitation Support. Leading a talented and dedicated team, Michelle’s primary focus is on assisting our members and their families in receiving quality habilitation services.

Outside of work, Michelle finds joy in spending time with her three teenage children, husband, and two beloved puppies. Her dedication to making a difference in the lives of others is evident both in her professional endeavors and personal life.

Michelle Omanoff;