BLOG 5 Safety First: Caregiving in the Arizona Heat 

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With Arizona’s heat wave in full swing, let’s exercise caution and thoughtfulness. Ensuring the well-being of your family and friends.  

  • In-car Safety: Ensuring in-care safety equipment (car seats, etc.) is properly installed and suited to their needs. Have any necessary adaptive equipment or assistive devices securely placed.
  • Water and Hydration Supplies: Always have a supply of water bottles or sippy cups with water to keep members hydrated, especially in the hot Arizona weather. You can also consider small, insulated cooler bags to keep the water cool.
  • Cooling Supplies: In the Arizona heat, consider having a small battery-operated fan or handheld cooling devices to provide relief from the heat.
  • Medication and Medical Care: Keep any necessary medications, along with their prescriptions, in a cool and safe place. Additionally, have a basic first aid kit with essentials for any unforeseen needs.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Have a list of emergency contact numbers, including members’ doctors and your own contact information. If your member has a communication device, make sure it is readily accessible

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