Early Childhood Autism Specialized Habilitation (ECA)

The ECA program is an intensive, comprehensive treatment model that targets a variety of interventions for the enrolled developmentally disabled member. This program focuses on developmental skills, behavioral intervention, and/or sensorimotor development. Arion Care Solutions clinical staff will conduct an assessment of the member’s challenging behavior or areas of skill deficit, develop a treatment program, model implementation of the intervention plan, coach and train the family members/caregivers and service providers in the implementation and usage of the treatment program, review data with the team and provide follow-up consultation as well as ongoing oversight to ensure proper implementation of the treatment program.

Early Childhood Autism Specialized Habilitation may be authorized for DDD members who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), until the time of entry into the first grade. This is a bundled service consisting of two parts:

  • A combination of oversight; Habilitation Masters (ECM) and Habilitation Bachelors (ECB)
  • Hourly Habilitation (ECH).


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